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Be Activated muscle activation: simple techniques to help you feel better and lead a life with more energy

Be Activated restores your body to its optimal functioning. The techniques help to enhance athletic performance, avoid injury and relieve aches and pains.

Be Activated is simple and effective with immediate and measurable results. Individuals can learn the techniques, which can be done as part of your daily routine or in the warm-up before sport.


Activation works to switch on muscles that have over time become dormant, relying on others to aid their function. When muscles are having to work to compensate for the dormant ones the body get pulled in wards. This pulling in wards cause compression on the body on places like hip joints lumbar vertebrae. People will clench their jaws ti help their glutes fire (think about it this could be you) the clenching pulls the head forward and down potentially causing neck pain jaw pain and other areas. This clenching would also effect vision - not ideal in sport.


Re-activating the dormant muscles enables you to move with ease instead of tension, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. The body can now move how it should

You may also feel calmer, more alert, have increased energy, improved balance and awareness to surroundings.

The Be Activated techniques are not only remedial, helping you to deal with injury and pain, but they also help improve performance. By restoring optimal muscle function, Be Activated benefits athletes hoping to get an edge on the competition.


Why do we get these issues in the first place?


Your body has two main priorities: breathing and movement. Correct breathing must be established first. This involves taking air deep into the belly using the diaphragm. Surprisingly few people breathe correctly.

When it comes to movement, individual muscles have specific jobs and must do them in sequence for the body to function the way nature intended.

We refer to three ā€˜zones' in the body. An aligned body functions in sequence ā€“ zone 1, zone 2, zone 3:



When this sequence is interrupted the body compensates by using other muscles. Although the body is willing to do this in order to meet the main priorities, over time these compensations create problems.

This results in reduced movement, pain, loss of energy, and ultimately injury. And many people struggle long term to recover unless the root of the issue is dealt with.


Stress is a major reason we start to compensate


Stress can be

  • Lack if sleep
  • Over working
  • Social
  • Injury

We can deal with stress but if we're over doing it our bodies don't recover. We still need to breathe and move. The body under stress won't care if it's in a way that not optimum for it.


How can Be Activated help?


The Be Activated techniques are unique in that they tackle the source of the problem. They focus on

•  establishing correct diaphragmatic breathing

This is so important and can make massive improvements for your body. I can't breathe for you but taken time though the day especially after moments of stress to practice belly breathing 5 10 20 breathes can help. Just takes a little time. It's free too!


Your Be Activated session will seek to correct the balance in your muscle functioning.

Strength and flexibility are assessed using a few simple leg lifts and bends. You will then be shown how to practice belly breathing and the chest activated to breathe correctly.

Then we go through the body's sequencing patterns, activating and testing while measuring any changes. By the end you should see improved, measurable results.

But the most important result is how you feel. You should experience a sense of lightness, more energy and freedom from tension.

Although the results are immediate, the underlying chronic muscle patterns will need re-activated to remind them of how to function correctly.

You can learn to do these activations yourself - safely and immediately ā€“ anywhere, any time. The technique will empower you to take control of your own well-being.

Be Activated was devised by South African physiotherapist Douglas Heel. Mark trained in 2015 (insert qualifications) and since then has incorporated the practise in the clinic in Kelso.

Give us a call today to see how Be Activated can improve your performance, quality of life and empower you with your own health and fitness.

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