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I have consulted Mark with a variety of muscular and skeletal issues and found it hugely helpful and very professional.


I had been having treatments on and off for about three years to relieve pain in my shoulder and back and although they did ease the pain and discomfort temporarily I did not seem to be improving. I was on regular painkillers and finding it difficult to sleep at night.

A work colleague recommended Mark to me and I've never looked back. I could not believe the difference I felt after one treatment! Mark really gets to work on the route of the problem.

During my treatments I was given various exercises to do at home, which I must say, were “spot on”. They really helped the healing process along with the massage treatments.

Mark gets deep into the muscles and you can actually feel the tension leave your muscles and body during the massage treatment. I still have regular treatments to relieve build up of tension from my shoulders and neck due to my desk job, which make a huge difference. I couldn't be without them now. The quality of my life has improved immensely and I now get good nights sleep!

I have recommended friends and family and they all say the same, “I wish I had went years ago!”

Kirsty Archibald

Thanks to Mark i'm on the road to recovery.


I am a regular client at the Kelso Sports Massage Clinic. I faithfully go once a month. This is my treat to myself! I did originally go with a sore hip but now just go for the “feel good” benefits. I never fail to leave the treatment room stress and care free! It really does make you feel refreshed and on top of the world. I look forward to it every month.


I had a very bad shoulder for years and after only two sessions with Mark the pain had eased considerably and I am now seeing Mark on a regular basis. I thouroughly recommend him.

Frances Stark
Chirnside Station

Thank you Mark – I'm swimming again, pain free and no painkillers!!


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